Summer 2023 in Nafplio - Program of Events

Nafplio evening from above, Ναύπλιο σούρουπο από ψηλά

For yet another summer, the Municipality of Nafplio, as part of its summer events, organizes large concerts, exhibitions, and dance performances. The city of Nafplio, with its strong expression of culture and its many diverse activities, brings its residents and visitors closer to culture.

All the city's attractions raise the curtain on select performances, events, and happenings that exude musical notes and a pervasive aroma of culture.
The following events are planned for the last fortnight of July, while August is also expected to be exciting...

Schedule of Events:

Thursday, July 20th 2023
«Π» spot, Port of Nafplio
, at 21:00
The soul of Crete in the heart of Nafplio, with Manolis Kontaros and "Minos", the Union of Cretans in Argolis. A musical panorama, that highlights the richness and beauty of authentic Cretan music and dance tradition. The acclaimed lyre player, accompanied by the exceptional musicians surrounding him and the Panhellenic Federation of Cretan Cultural Associations, along with the Union of Cretans in Argolis, will showcase the unique Cretan tradition, in an event that enhances and establishes the cultural image of the city.

Μανώλης Κονταρός Ναύπλιο 2023, Manolis Kontaros Nafplio 2023

Friday, July 21st 2023
«Π» spot, Port of Nafplio
, at 21:00
2nd Dance Gathering, with the participation of the Greek Dance Workshop, the Tatsis Dance School, the Local Cultural Association of Agia Triada, the Friends of V. Papantoniou Foundation, the "Agia Marina" Cultural and Educational Association of Neo Roeino, the Nafplio Sports and Culture Center "O Taxiarhis", the Association of Pontian Greeks of Argolis and the Friends of Pontian Hellenism "Panagia Soumela."
Accompanied by a traditional music orchestra, under the supervision of Mr. Giannis Pavlopoulos, folk dances are skillfully performed, gathering everyone together as one ensemble, dancing with joy and outward expression.

From July 27th until September 30th 2023
Basil Papantoniou Foundation (BPF), 13, Sofroni str. /Hall, Nafplio old town
The Basil Papantoniou Foundation (BPF) - Museum, in collaboration with the Municipality of Nafplio, will host the exhibition "Environmental Storm" by Mina Valyraki at the cultural space of the "Sofroni 13" Foundation. An artist who will serve as a source of inspiration for many, as visitors explore her world through her artworks.

From July 28th until August 20th 2023
Aristotel Onassis Street, Nafplio port
On the cobblestone Onassis street, the established book exhibition takes place, within which a musical event will be held on Friday, July 28th 2023, in the courtyard of the Nafplio High Schools, featuring Adrianos Katsouris and his band.

Friday, July 28th 2023
OSE Small Theater of Nafplio (Kolokotroni Park), at 21:00
"All of Greece... one neighborhood!"
Annual dance event, organized by the "O Taxiarhis" Cultural & Sports Center of Argolis, with the participation of the "I Piada" Progressive Cultural Association of Nea Epidaurus and members of dance groups from the "Agios Georgios" Cultural Associations of the villages Pyrgiotika and Adamio.
Nafplio General High School (in the courtyard), at 21:00
As part of the Book Exhibition 2023, a Concert by the Mia Band, with songs ranging from traditional music to contemporary art songs, featuring Adrianos Katsouris and his musical group.

Musical Odyssey Nafplio

From August 1st to August 8th Αυγούστου 2023
Musical Odyssey 2023: The Summer School of Music takes place in Nafplio, with the participation of internationally renowned musical artists and teachers. Classical music concerts, which will be held as part of the event's seminars:
August 1st to August 6th 2023: concerts will be held in the Vouleftiko and in Municipal "K. Nonis" Conservatory at 21:00
August 7th 2023: Concert in the square of Agios Spyridon at 21:00.
August 7th 2023 in the Vouleftiko, gala concert and awards ceremony.

Friday, August 4th 2023
Philhellenon square, at 21:00
Tribute to Mikis Theodorakis: "Mikis of the Poets".
Two great performers of the younger generation, Erofili and Argyro Kaparou, join their voices and take us on a journey through the history of Greece with their songs.

Sunday, August 6th 2023
Karathona Beach, at 21:00.
A big traditional & Greek folk celebration with free admission at the "Utopia" summer venue, located on Karathona beach, organized by the "Armatomenoi Moraites" cultural association. We will enjoy the musical band "Grammes", Mr. Panagiotis Angelakopoulos, and Mr. Theodore Tassoulas on the clarinet.
Anyfi village of Nafplio at 20:30
On Sunday, August 6th 2023, in the courtyard of the church "Agia Sotira" in Anyfi, a music evening is organized by the "O Mai-Nikolas" Cultural Association of Anyfi. The event will be accompanied by the maestro Theodossis Antoniadis, with Kostas Salesiotis on the piano and vocals, and Vangelis Zervopoulos on vocals as well.
Lefkakia village of Nafplio at 20:30
As part of the celebration of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ, a music event is taking place featuring the "Mia Band" musical band.

Wednesday, August 9th 2023
«Π» spot, Port of Nafplio, at 21:00
The consistently beloved performer, who has stood out in his generation and enchanted the audience for over two decades, Giannis Ploutarhos, along with the highly popular new composer and performer Giorgos Kakossaios and Katerina Kakossaios, come to sweep us away on a journey with popular hits, great ballads, and cheerful pop beats!

Friday, August 11th 2023
OSE Small Theater
of Nafplio (Kolokotroni Park), at 21:00
Concert - tribute to the beloved Greek music composer Giannis Spanos, featuring the "Symphony" Nafplio Women's Vocal Ensemble and singers, under the direction and instruction of maestro-chief musician Mr. Theodossis Antoniadis.

Summer 2023 famous artists in Nafplio, Πλούταρχος Γλυκερία Ξαρχάκος στο Ναύπλιο 2023

Saturday, August 11th 2023
Aria district of Nafplio, at 20:30
Music concert with hymns, songs and poetry dedicated to the Virgin Mary, mother of Christ ("Panagia").

Sunday, August 13th 2023
Syntagma Square at 21:00 - "A sea of songs"
The Municipality of Nafplio, in collaboration with the musical group "Byzantine and Traditional Echoes", presents a musical event featuring traditional songs from the beloved lost homelands and island popular tunes, accompanied by a traditional orchestra and vocal ensemble, under the direction of choreographer Mr. Konstantinos Routoulas.

Monday, August 14th 2023
Aria district of Nafplio, at 20:00
Great Vespers of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, mother of Christ. The Arch Cantor of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus Mr. Nikolaos Amorgianos and the students of the Conservatory of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus will chant.

From August 20th to 26th 2023
Open air Art Exhibition in the Kolokotronis renewed park, under the name "Nafpliada 2023", with the participation of numerous -mainly local- artists.

From August 25th to 27th 2023
Midea Municipal Department
"Alkmenia 2023"

Wednesday, August 30th 2023
The lighthouse of Nafplio at 21:00
Under the fully illuminated, radiant moon of August, the charismatic singer Glykeria, known for her authenticity, warmth, and genuine entertainment she offers to her audience, presents a program curated by Stelios Fotiadis. The program features well-known folk, art, and traditional songs, as well as all of her greatest hits (free admission, of course).

Saturday, September 2nd 2023
White Night in Nafplio from 20:00 to 24:00
A great celebration for the commercial world of the city on Saturday, September 2nd until midnight, with big discounts in stores, with various happenings and Live Radio sounds.

Sunday, September 3rd 2023
Midea Municipal Department of Nafplio at 21:00
Celebrating the "Alkmenia 2023", The beloved Greek singer Melina Kana will perform in Midea, along with Alexandros Daikos.

Shadow Theatre Tour in the Municipal Departments of the Municipality of Nafplio, from August 1st to August 30th 2023.
The Municipality of Nafplio presents performances in its Municipal Departments, featuring Karagiozis as the protagonist. Karagiozis is a misshapen and hunchbacked character, permanently poor but good-hearted, sometimes harsh in his humor. He does not compromise with any authority or social role.

On the occasion of the religious summer celebrations, honorary events take place in the Municipal Departments of Nafplio. The folk festivals of Argolis is an experience worth living!

Reopening of the Municipal Gallery of Nafplio.

Summer event in Nafplio Syntagma square

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