Karathona Beach

Favorite among locals, along with the marvelous beach of Arvanitia, Karathona turns off the stress of everyday life and makes you part of a scene, almost exotic, in few minutes! These are the good things about Nafplio. One minute you're downtown, the next you're remote, on a holiday destination!

Natural Beauty
Life in a holiday! The beauty of the city's longest beach, stretches behind the rock of Palamidi, a length of approximately three kilometers. In order to get there, you can drive or you can choose a lovely walk, following the famous path to Karathona from Arvanitia square. When you reach the beach for the first time, with a quick view you may understand why Karathona is the locals' favorite beach: palm trees, eucalyptus trees spreading their valuable shadow and the tiny Mouse island, make it so particularly beautiful...

Perfect choice for families
In the summer, the quiet sandy beach is completely transformed, as it is filled (often too much) with people sitting on the sunbeds, under the umbrellas, enjoying their refreshing drinks in the beach bars or eating fresh fish in the taverns of Karathona.

In Karathona, many private barbeque parties are organized.
Perfect beach to spend a summer evening with your friends.
Karathona is awarded a "blue flag" (official sign for nice, clean waters).

How to get there
On foot. Try the famous Arvanitia - Karathona walking path!
By car
By bus - see the routes Here


37.5446, 22.8212