Agios Anastasios

Entering the city from the coast (on the coastal road of Nafplio - Nea Kios), the holy temple of "Agios Anastasios of Nafplio" stands on the left. This church was founded on February 1st 1990 by His Eminence, the Bishop of Argolis Mr. Iakovos and in June 1995 the inauguration took place.
The church is built in the type of inscribed cruciform with dome and on the central arch the "Platytera" (the Holy-Virgin enthroned) is represented, appearing to embrace the entire city of Nafplio. The memory of the new martyr Agios Anastasios of Nafplio is celebrated on February 1st each year -always a local official holiday in Nafplio.

Some History
St. Anastasios was a painter, born in the city of Nafplio. He got engaged to the daughter of a Christian, but because she did not lead a good life, Anastasios dissolved the engagement. However, the relatives of his fiancee using sorcery tried to take vengeance, as a result of which he lost his sanity.
Taking advantage of his situation, the Turks converted him to Islam. But when God blessed him and he recovered his sanity, he boldly renounced Islam and bravely confessed his Christian faith. The Turks, with various flattery and promises, tried to dissuade him, but Anastasios remained unshaken on his Christian confession. Then, on February 1st 1655, he endured a martyrdom by the Turks, with dismemberment. Nafplio made him the city's patron saint and the beautiful temple adorns the city in honor of this New Martyr.

Did you know that?
The memory of St. Anastasios the New Martyr was celebrated in the Church of "Panagia" (Nativity of the Virgin).
The "Panagia" Church of Nafplio is associated with the martyrdom of Nafplio's New Martyr Anastasios, whom the Turks tortured to death for his faith in Christ on February 1st 1655, hanging him from the olive tree that still exists on the north side of the temple.

Άγιος Αναστάσιος Ναυπλίου, Agios Anastasios temple of Nafplio

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