6th Nafplio Castle Run, November 28th 2021

Nafplio castle run, Παλαμήδειος Άθλος, Palamideios athlos

The Nafplio Castle Run (in greek "Palamedios Athlos") is a distinctive sporting event, as it includes the unique race in Greece with a racing Castle ascension! The Nafplio Castle Run is part of the city's celebrations for the conquest of Palamidi fortress by the heroes of the Greek Revolution and the liberation of the city from the Turkish yoke.
The events this year are part of the celebration of the 200 years of the Greek Revolution and the 199th anniversary of the fall of Palamidi castle and the liberation of Nafplio.

The runners, who will register for one of the racing routes of the event, will enjoy a race that combines the highest sports standards together with a big celebration in the beautiful city of Nafplio!
The 6th Nafplio Castle Run returns, including this year the Half Marathon race, whose route is 100% flat beside the Argolic gulf, everything you need to achieve your personal record! The racing events will take place on November 28th 2021, in parallel with the celebrations for the 199th anniversary of the fall of Palamidi castle and the liberation of Nafplio.

Torch Relay
During the Athens Authentic Marathon's opening ceremony, a delegation of the Organizing Committee of Nafplio Castle Run & Nafplio Marathon received the Marathon Flame. The Marathon Flame traveled to Nafplio, where with an exquisite Torch Relay on Saturday, November 27th (the Race's eve), climbs step by step on Palamidi Castle, in order to light the altar and thus marking the opening of Nafplio Castle Run Event! The participation of the Military School of Guards will brighten the Torch Relay and all events.
The march of the Torchbearers starts at 16:30 from "Fougaro", thereafter passing through spots of symbolic meaning: the "KEMX" Military Camp, the Bavarian Lion, the Nafplion Hospital, torchbearers reach the statue of Staikopoulos and as the sun sets at 17:15, the Torchbearers will start climbing up the Castle from the entrance on the 25th of March street. When the last torchbearer reaches the peak of the Castle at 17:45, the altar lights on, the Castle lights turn off and the latten candles are left to the sky from the coastal front of the city in front of Filellinon Square. A unique and magical spectacle!

Nafplio castle run, Palamidios athlos, Παλαμήδειος άθλος
Nafplio castle run, Palamidios athlos, Παλαμήδειος άθλος

The start and finish of all races will take place in the designated area at the entrance of the Castle on "March 25th" street.

- Nafplio Castle Run, 5km racing climbing on Palamidi Castle
- Half Marathon, with the certification of the Athletics Federation (SEGAS) and AIMS
- Running Race of 10km, with the certification of the Athletics Federation (SEGAS) and AIMS
- Running Race of 5km

More information
Nafplio Castle Run

On-line Registrations will be accepted until Tuesday, November 23rd 2021. Eligible to participate are runners who have completed their vaccination or have healed from Covid-19 virus.
There are the following ways of registration:
-  Online registration
- In person, upon availability, at the Registration Centre. It will operate on Saturday 27 of November from 11:00 to19:00 in "Fougaro" (Asklipiou 98 str).

Event Schedule
Information Desk, 07:00 – 13:00
Half Marathon - Starting time 08:45
10 km. race - Starting time 08:50
1st 5 km. race - Starting time 11:00
2nd 5 km. race - Starting time 11:05
Castle Run - Starting time 12:45
Awards, 13:00 – 14:00

Did you know that?
The Nafplio Castle Run is a sporting event of high standards and at the same time a unique running sports Event, as it has the only race in Greece that includes a racing castle ascension.
The organization is certified by the State, SEGAS Athletics Federation and AIMS institution and follows every official Health Protocol.
The torch relay on the castle, which will take place on Saturday, Nov. 27th 2021, is dedicated to the Medical Staff of Nafplio Hospital and the Nafplio Castle Run is dedicated to the social work of the Association of Disabled People of Argolis.

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