8th Nafplio Castle Run – Sunday, December 10th 2023

Nafplio castle run, Παλαμήδειος Άθλος, Palamideios athlos

On Sunday, December 10th 2023, this year's Nafplio Castle Run ("Palamidios Athlos" in Greek) takes place. It is a Historical Memory race, a unique athletic running event, as it includes the only race in Greece with a competitive ascent to the Castle! The organization of the Nafplio Castle Run is part of the celebrations of the City of Nafplio for the Siege of the Palamidi fortress and the liberation of the city from the Turkish yoke.

Runners who register for one of the two routes of the event will enjoy a race that combines the highest athletic standards, with a grand celebration in the enchanting Nafplio! Participation is free of charge and includes both the "Nafplio Castle Run" with an ascent to the Palamidi Castle and a Road Race of Historical Memory,  commemorating the Anniversary of the Siege of Palamidi.

Interested individuals can seek information from the official website of the organizing municipal authority: and from its Facebook page.

- Nafplio Castle Run, 5km racing climbing on Palamidi Castle (18 years old up)
- Running Race of Historical Memory, of 10km (15 years old up)

Registrations are free and can only be done Online, until Friday, December 1st 2023.
Registrations will not be accepted on the day of the race (either in print or electronically).

Nafplio castle run, Παλαμήδειος Άθλος, Palamideios athlos
Nafplio castle run, Παλαμήδειος Άθλος, Palamideios athlos

Operation of Secretariat, 07:00 – 13:00 (25th March Street, Nafplio).
From 07:30 - Collection of Athletes' participation kits, from the Secretariat only (25th March Street, Nafplio), up to half an hour before their race's starting time!
10 km. race - Starting time: 09:00
Castle Run - Starting time: 11:00
Awards Ceremony: 12:30 – 13:30

Did you know that?
The Nafplio Castle Run is a sporting event of high standards and at the same time a unique running sports Event, as it has the only race in Greece that includes a racing castle ascension.
The organization is certified by the State, SEGAS Athletics Federation and AIMS institution and follows every official Health Protocol.
The race in 2023 is organized by the Municipality of Nafplio, the Municipal Sports, Culture, Tourism, and Environment Organization (DOPPAT), in collaboration with the Marathon Runners Association of Argolis.

Nafplio castle run, Παλαμήδειος Άθλος, Palamideios athlos

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