Nafplio Challenge - September 30th & October 1st 2023

Nafplio Action αθλητική διοργάνωση, Nafplio Action τρίαθλο, Nafplio Action triathlon

The Municipality of Nafplio in collaboration with the Whynot company organizes on September 30th and October 1st 2023 the "Nafplio Challenge" sports event.
The sporting organization includes two sub-sports events. On Saturday, September 30th swimming and running races in the area of Tolo, called the Tolo Swim & Run and on Sunday, October 1st 2023 Triathlon and Aquathlon  races, called the Nafplio Triathlon.

The events are open to all athletes. Both the participants and the spectators of the race, will have the opportunity to experience a unique sporting event in Tolo and Nafplio, a friendly tourist destination for everyone. The Organization has now been established as an institution in the sporting events of the Municipality of Nafplio.

Calendar / Schedule

Friday, September 29th 2022
17.00 – 21.00: Registration services at the Fougaro Art Center, Nafplio City [Attention: the Registration services and Secretariat are not in swimming races area].

Saturday, September 30th 2023
08.30 -21.00: Registration services at Fougaro Art Center, Nafplio City.
10.30 : Kids Swimming 300m at the Tolo Beach of Psili Ammos
10.45 : Swimming 1.500m at the Tolo Beach (Psili Ammos)
10.55 : Swimming 3.000m at the Tolo Beach (Psili Ammos)
12.30 : Award ceremonies for Swimming Races at Tolo Beach (Pslli Ammos)
19.30 : Race Briefing for Triathlon & Aquathlon at Fougaro Art Center, Nafplio City

Sunday, October 1st 2023
06.30 - 11.00 : Registration services at the harbor of Nafplio, next to the transition zone.
07.00 - 07.50 : Bike check in for All races
08.00 : Starting of Sprint & Aquathlon
08.10 : Starting of Standard Race
11.15 : Starting of the Junior Aquathlon
11.45 - 13.30 (Estimated time) : Bike check out*
12.30 : Award ceremonies for Triathlon and Αquathlon at the finish line
* because the change zone contains athletes' personal belongings, individual athlete movements will not be allowed and of course, no bicycles will be allowed to be picked up before the designated time. In case of violation of the above, the athlete is automatically disqualified, without his/her time being recorded.

Triathlon Nafplio, Nafplio Action race
Nafplio Action αθλητική διοργάνωση, Nafplio Action τρίαθλο, Nafplio Action triathlon

E-mail:, or call: 210-9830680 (website

Special discount prices are offered for the residents of the municipality of Nafplio, including a 50% discount on running and swimming races and a 30% discount on triathletes & aquathlon. Contact by e-mail:  with the term "Dimotis" in the Subject, declaring the Races of preference. 

Participation Form
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Did you know that?
The sporting event is organized by the Municipality of Nafplio, in cooperation with "Whynot" company, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, of the Ministry of Tourism and of the GNTO.
The competitions will be conducted on the basis of the ITU rules. The racing schedule may be modified in accordance with the particularities of the race. The representative of the Technical Committee and the Director of the Race are responsible for drawing up and formalizing the race program and for what other may occur.
Benefits to athletes: Commemorative Entry Medal, Electronic timing, Supply of water, soft drinks, isotonic, gels and bananas during the race, Swimming cap, Sports bag with many surprises from the supporters.

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