Nafplio Energy Triathlon, June 17th 2018

On Sunday, June 17th 2018, the city of Nafplio welcomes once again the "Nafplio Energy Triathlon", which will take place in the old historic city of Nafplio and will be open to all athletes and sportsmen. Both the participants and the spectators of the race, will have the opportunity to live a unique sporting event in Nafplio, a friendly tourist and cultural destination for everyone. The organization has been established as an institution in the sporting events of the Municipality of Nafplio and the whole country. The city of Nafplio will be in the focus of the triathlon organization in 2018, promising even more action!

The organization
The “Nafplio Energy Triathlon” race is organized by the Municipality of Nafplio with the Municipal Organization of Culture, Environment, Sports and Tourism (D.O.P.P.A.T.), the Regional Unity of Argolis, the Hellenic Federation of Triathlon (E.O.TRI.) and the “Energy Races”, along with the athletes associations of Naval Athletic Club of Nafplio & the "Evros" Nafplio Swimming Club as co-organizers.

Nafplio Energy Triathlon
The Multisport fans will have the opportunity to compete in the Triathlon and Aquathlon events in the beautiful historic city of Nafplio with Palamidi castle as a background, the imposing Acronafplia peninsula and the magnificent Bourtzi -Nafplio ‘s trademark. Even the younger and beginners -besides Triathlon- will have the opportunity to test their strength at the even more accessible “Aquathlon”, which includes only Swimming and Running. The spectators of the race will have the opportunity to experience Triathlon and to deepen in its special features, that make it one of the most dynamic and impressive sports.
The Nafplio Energy Triathlon is open to all athletes and sportsmen and includes walking, cycling and running trails without interruption. The distances will be the Standard Sprint (0.75 - 20 - 5 km), the Standard / Olympic (1.5 - 40 - 10 km) to meet the demands of the most experienced athletes, as well as the Super Sprint (0.3 - 10 - 2.5 km) entering the racing program for the first time and mainly targeting the less experienced friends of multisports, who want to participate actively.
Of course, in the program will also be the well-established Aquathlon (swimming 0.75km + 5km of running) for the new friends of the multisports, as well as the Kids Aquathlon (0,1km + 1 km) for children. For the wet element lovers exclusively, there will also be the Energy Swim swimming trails, at a distance of 800m and 2.5km.

Races Details
1) Olympic Triathlon (standard distance 1500m swimming - 40km cycling - 10km run) and Triathlon Relay (standard triathlon relay, 2 or 3 people)
2) Sprint Triathlon (750m swimming - 20km cycling - 5km running) and Triathlon Relay (sprint triathlon relay, 2 or 3 people)
3) Super Sprint Triathlon (300m swimming - 10km cycling - 2.5km running)
4) Aquathlon (750μ swimming - 5km running)
5) Kids Aquathlon (150m swimming - 1km running)
6) Energy swim 800m
7) Energy swim 2.5km
President of the Hellenic Federation of Triathlon (E.O.TRI.) Mr. George Gerolymbos
General Coordinator of the tournament, Mr. Gregory Skoularikis

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Did you know that?
On October 14th 2018, the "Tolo Energy Triathlon 2018" is scheduled to take place in the beautiful village of Tolo

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