Argos - "Vodka Molotov", Tuesday, November 28th 2023

Vodka Molotov performance

The explosive comedy entitled "Vodka Molotov" by Eleni Rantou, based on Neil Simon's adaptation of Chekhov's stories, will be presented on Tuesday, November 28th 2023, at the "Megas Alexandros" Art and Culture Hall in Argos, in a double performance. Another impressive production by "Methexis" company and Christos Tripodis...

Mrs. Eleni Rantou gave her adaptation the title "Vodka Molotov" winking at the audience, for the theatrical "explosion" of laughter and emotion they are about to experience. Her text is characterized by linguistic immediacy and humorous wit. The Czech-inspired characters, with all their flaws, mistakes, sorrows, and desires, will share with us their tears, melancholic smiles, and liberating laughter. In an era, where diversity in character, differing opinions -even those deviating from ideological and national stereotypes- as well as different genders, races and political affiliations are often met with a nearly cannibalistic disposition, characterized by preaches of hatred and disdain, Chekhov's love for humanity and his humor can prove to be transformative.
Mr. Nikorestis Chaniotakis directs a contemporary performance of swift rhythms, infused with nerve, inventiveness, and theatrical exuberance, featuring eight exceptional actors. On stage, we will also witness Anton Chekhov himself, portrayed by Mr. Tassos Chalkias.

About Chekhov's play
Anton Chekhov sketches characters from both urban centers and the provinces of pre-revolutionary Russia, vividly magnifying -always with sympathy- their habits, obsessions, fears, dedication to their petty interests, naivety, and cunning. On stage, characteristic figures of the time and society parade: from teachers and nannies to priests and dentists. All the characters, universally human and timeless, surrender to our judgment of the "yesterday", the "today" and "tomorrow".

Vodka Molotov performance
Vodka Molotov performance

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Ioannis Apergis, Panagiota Vitetzaki, Katerina Geronikolou, Lydia Sgouraki, Panos Stathakopoulos, Dimitra Stogianni, Haris Chiotis. In the role of Chekhov, Mr. Tassos Chalkias.

Text: Neil Simon - Eleni Rantou (based on the stories of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov)
Adaptation: Eleni Rantou
Direction: Nikorestis Chaniotakis
Original Music Composition: Giannis Mathes
Set and Costume Design: Areti Moustaka
Assistant Directors: Pinelopi Skalkotou, Lydia Sgouraki
Creative Agency: GRID FOX
Production: Christos Tripodis - "Methexis"

"Megas Alexandros" Hall of Art and Culture, 29, Agiou Konstantinou str., Argos

18:15 and 21:15
Tuesday, November 28th 2023

Ticket of 15€
Online Pre-sale:

T. +30 210 7622034
M. +30 694 3290294

Did you know that?
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860-1904) was a Russian playwright and one of the greatest short story writers in world literature. He also studied and worked as a physician. Considered one of the most important figures in global drama, Chekhov had a significant impact on 20th-century theatrical literature. His works reflect the constant decay of everyday life. His characters are often individuals from the upper class, spending their lives in the stifling atmosphere of Russian provincial society.
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Vodka Molotov actor Chalkias

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