Cine Nafplio - "Cabbages and Laughter", November 26th 2022

Cine Nafplio, κινηματογράφος Ναυπλίου

The children's theatrical scene of Christos Tripodis and the theatrical company "Methexis" presents in Nafplio, on Saturday, November 26th 2022, the number one theatrical performance for children by Tassos Ioannidis "Lahana and Hahana (Cabbages and Laughter) - My Good Self".

A modern musical for children with exceptional contributors, famous actors, video projections, imaginative backdrops, colorful costumes, with parrots, hippos, butterflies, fairies, with barcarolles, trains, roller skates, in the rhythm and the magic of the performance's songs.
Tassos Ioannidis wrote the music and the script, with songs that are smart, sweet, funny, that besides their educational usefulness, they are also very entertaining. Along with Christos Tripodis, he directs a performance with action, imagination, laughter, joy and singing, characters very familiar from everyday life of children and others imaginary, taken from the world of dreams.

About the story
The new work of Tassos Ioannidis "My Good Self" deals in a simple and direct way with the concepts of "self-love", "self-sufficiency", "self-esteem", positive thoughts and suggests playful ways of managing negative emotions. Pippis, the Apprentice Fairy, together with Atsidas, Hachanenia and Lachanidas take us on a "little-trodden" path of searching for our... good self, through an original story, with musical stops to the most loved songs of the series "Lahana and Hahana ", as well as brand new songs and happy nursery rhymes, full of humor and…Kindness. The "Sing and Learn" method becomes the "magic key". Children discover that with music and singing as a vehicle, the learning process becomes a game. Will they manage to convince the adults too?

Cabbages and Laughter My Good Self, Λάχανα και Χάχανα Ο Καλός μου Εαυτός
Fairy Tale Nafplio, παραμυθένιο Ναύπλιο

Gerasimos Katsaneas, Theodora Kokkinidis, Chrysovalantis Loizou, Dimitris Babaniotis, Christina Christou, Evina Christogiannopoulou

Music - script: Tasos Ioannidis
Directed by: Christos Tripodis - Tasos Ioannidis
Orchestration: Kostas Ganoselis - Stavros Kartakis
Choreography: Christina Bitou
Sets - Costumes: Matina Megla
Visual editing of sets: Thanasis Kokkas
Illustration: Vanessa Ioannou
Production: "Methexis" Theatrical Productions

At 16:00 and at 18:00
Saturday, November 26th 2022
Duration of performance: 70 minutes

Tickets pre-sale 10€ - at
General Admission 12€ - "Cine Nafplio" hall, right next to the Fire Department of Nafplio
Special ticket price for the unemployed, for large families, for Groups of more than 20 people: 8€

Communication - Information
T. +30 210 7622034
M. +30 694 3290294

Did you know that?
It all started with an idea by the composer Tassos Ioannidis, to set to music the verses from the 1st grade book, in his attempt to help his young daughter Hermione learn them more easily. Thus, the first CD "Lakhana and Hachana - 24 songs from the First Grade Language book" was born...
The show has the approval of the Ministry of Education and the script by Tassos Ioannidis is original.

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