Nafplio - The "Old University" and its residents, Saturday, November 11th 2023

Παληό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών, Old Athens University in Plaka

The Athens University History Museum travels to Nafplio on Saturday, November 11th 2023, and presents a paper theater and storytelling performance (with parallel live projection of archival material and museum exhibits) with the theme: "The Old University and its Residents", the first urban planning of Athens and other small and big stories of the building and its tenants.

The "paper theater" performance aims to shed light on aspects of the diverse 'big' and 'small' stories of the building, where historically significant figures and lesser-known residents (scientists, architects, refugees, internal migrants) lived or worked. They left their own mark on the recent history of the city of Athens, and there, they laid the foundations of higher education in Greece. Their history also reflects the historical and social context of each era.
At the heart of the performance lies the story of two young architects from the 19th century, in a loose adaptation. They are the protagonists of the first urban planning of Athens, Stamatis Cleanthes and Edward Schaubert, who drafted it in the same place before the capital's relocation from Nafplio to Athens.
The building that currently houses the History Museum of the University of Athens was one of the most imposing Athenian residences in the early 19th century. During the period between 1837-1841, the building hosted the first University of the Independent Greek State.

Οικία Κλεάνθους Πλάκα, Old Athens University in Plaka
Οικία Κλεάνθους Πλάκα, Old Athens University in Plaka

Production: University of Athens History Museum
Script, Direction and Animation: Faye Tsitou
Artwork: George Kalokairinos, Evangelia Kalyva, Despina Manolarou
Voices: Konstantinos Kappas, Hovik Karambetian, Arman Edward Menekian, Gerasimos Zervos
Constructions: Faye Tsitou, Vasilis Bounatsos
Technical Support: Vasilis Bounatsos

Starting time

"Leda Tassopoulou" Hall of the University of the Peloponnese: 21, Vassileos Konstantinou & Terzaki Streets, Nafplio.



Did you know that?
The performance is based on the educational program "The Old University and its Tenants," which has been adapted for presentation outside of the University of Athens History Museum.
The Athens University History Museum has been housed since 1987 in this historic building, one of the few surviving structures from the pre-Ottoman period, known as the "Cleanthes House" or "Old University," located at 5, Tholou Street in Plaka.
The performance is presented as part of the 7th Kalamata Puppet Theater Festival, targeting both young audiences and adults.

Πλάκα Αέρηδες, Plaka Aerides Athens Greece

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