Nafplio OSE Theater - Shirley Valentine, August 5th 2019

The director Alexandros Rigas presents "Shirley Valentine", Willy Russell's bittersweet comedy, on Monday, August 5th 2019 at the OSE Theater in Nafplio.

Shirley from Britain, is a woman just over 50, mother of two children who have their own life now and wife of a man, whose relationship was lost somewhere over the years. Her only "companion", as imaginary friend one would say, is the wall of her kitchen. Until the day, when an insignificant occasion wakes her up and she decides to find herself again, to come back alive!
A trip to Greece, a small table in front of the sea, a honeysuckle and an... unexpected acquaintance, will compose the scene of her own revolution against everything that oppressed her.
But how long will this revolution last? Will she manage to redefine her relationship with herself and her own people?
And finally, is there a second chance in life?

A theatrical play full of emotion, humor, sensibility and unexpected turns...

Shirley Valentine: Bessie Malfa
Translation - Directed by: Alexandros Rigas
Costumes - Costume Designer: Eleni Bletsa
Music: Alter Ego
Photos: Zak Viemon
Makeup: Stavroula Sgouros

The performance
Monday, August 5th 2019, in OSE Small Theater, Nafplio

Starting time

General admission: 15 €
Pre-sale: 12 € 
Free tickets for disabled people

Tickets pre-sale
In or dialing the 11876​​​​​​
Nafplio, at the "Aposperitis" bookstore, 30 Vas. Amalias str.
Argos, at the "Dulcinos 1964" Bookstore, 11 Corinth str.
Rainticket 6946126051

Did you know that?
This year's summer tour of Bessie Malfa throughout Greece, which began on June 28th 2019, continues with success, stops of course also in Nafplio and ends on September 9th 2019 in Ierapetra, Crete.
The show had again come to Nafplio on the 16th and 17th of March 2019 at the Trianon theater and was loved by its viewers...

Σίρλεϋ Βαλεντάιν η Μπέσυ Μάλφα, Bessie Malfa in "Shirley Valentine"
Σίρλεϋ Βαλεντάιν Ναύπλιο

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