Trianon - "Odyssevach", March 31st 2019

The Children's Theatrical Stage of Fotis Spyros presents this year in Nafplion and all over Greece, the emblematic play of Xenia Kalogeropoulou "Odyssevach" at the Trianon Theater on Sunday, March 31st 2019.
One of the most important theatrical plays for children -and "big" children- based on myths, folk tales and epic literature. A charming, magical journey into dreamlike countries, with strange heroes, a fairytale where everything is as possible as impossible!

The author, Xenia Kalogeropoulou, mixes stories from Homer's Odyssey, from the "Thousand and One Nights" and other fairy tales, creating a play with important messages for all humans, essential and timeless. This is the adventurous wandering of Odyssevach and of his associates, for the seek of 'Ithagdat". This journey brings them to face dragon-cyclops, "rocky" seas or full of sirens that bewitch with their songs, witches that transform travelers to cats, dogs or monkeys and strange people who eat and forget. While most of his associates are lost, get tired and stay back, Odyssevach having strong will and patience manages to reach his beloved Ithagdat.
A performance ideal for children of all ages, who dream and believe in achieving a goal, who believe in the value of real effort, in the value of family and home, in the final triumph of good and justice.

Orfeas Papadopoulos, Nikos Christidis, Flavios Neangou, Chara Damigou, Efthimis Tzoras, Nektarios Papalexiou and Fotis Spyros.

Author: Xenia Kalogeropoulou
Music: Dionysis Savvopoulos
Directed by Fotis Spyros
Choreography / kinesiology: Elias Bagieorgos
Sets: Spyros Stais
Costumes: Spyros Stais, Nayia Zaharatou
Costume Designer's Assistant: Margarita Morou
Construction of special costumes: Fotini Kosmatou
Music teaching: Prodromos Makridis
Body music: Simone Mongelli
Photos: Giorgos Kalfamanolis
Lighting Design: Apostolos Tsitsonis
Graphic Designer: Dina Zafiriou
Production address: Yannis Makridis
Production Organization: Stavroula Christidou
Public Relations & Communication: Zoe Triantafyllidis
Responsible technitian: Thomas Harelas
Assistant Director: Nikos Agapiou
Stage Director: Dimitris Tsinaris

At 11:30 and at 17:00

Tickets pre-sale 8 € - "Albatros" bookstore (Charilaou Trikoupi str., Nafplio) and at
General Admission 10 €

T +30 6970 387448

Did you know that?
Odyssevah has been translated into 8 languages, has been presented by several foreign Theaters, as well as by 10 Greek municipal Theaters. Hundreds of thousands of children, young and older, have watched and adored it.
The play will also be presented in Argos, at the "Valia" Cinema Theater on Friday, April 5th 2019 at 18:15 (Tickets Pre-sale at the "Dulcinos" Bookstore).

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