Trianon theater - The temptation, Saturday, October 8th 2022

Bourtzi in the evening, δειλινό στο Μπούρτζι

On Saturday, October 8th 2022 at the Trianon Theater, the Ermionian Theater Group presents to the public of Nafplion its new theatrical production called "The Temptation"; an adaptation of the comedy of the same name by the Greek beloved author Grigorios Xenopoulos, in a unique theatrical evening -in co-organization with the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Nafplio.

The story
Calliope, a young maid, disrupts the life of the wealthy Georgiadis family. One April, he enters their homes and their lives and leads into temptation and infidelity all the males of the family and beyond. A play about the temptation of the flesh and male infidelity. A play about the game of love and the test of marital relations, where love comes out victorious. And the Temptation, which starts a new life. But also a work with political overtones, for the poor and the rich, for those "who are destined to work for the world" and the beauty of solidarity.

Grigorios Xenopoulos, an excellent psychographer, without moralizing, dissects all sides of his multiple love triangles: that of the scandalous stone, that of the man, who succumbs fatally, and the one - woman or man - who suffers from betrayal, born of infidelity. The heroes become perpetrators and victims, change roles, be happy, be unhappy, cry, laugh, love, hate, forgive, betray and be betrayed, claim or resign, submit to their fate or challenge it, but no one says no to the wonderful game of love. Nobody! If the play is still performed to this day, it is because it brings together many theatrical virtues: lively dialogue, convincing human types, a solid plot, clever set pieces, a sure comedic sense, acute social observation.
The Temptation was premiered in Athens one hundred and twelve years ago, on July 10, 1910, at the "Variety" theater, by the troupe of Kyveli. But not by the name of its author.

Trianon theater Nafplio, θέατρο Τριανόν Ναύπλιο
Trianon theater interior Nafplio, Τριανόν εσωτερικό Ναύπλιο

Adaptation-Direction: Dimitris I. Sideris
Stage & Costume Design: Dimitris I. Sideris
Music Editing: Maria Economakou
Lighting: Ion Xipolias

Menelaos Georgiadis: Kostas Pentedekas, Klio Georgiadou: Argyroula Mexi, Angela Papastamos: Biki Papazoglou, Nikos Papastamos: Antonis Antonopoulos, Polixeni Droga: Nadia Kosteleno, Georgios Drogas: Pantelis Todoris, Kriton Georgiadis: Giannis Kaimasidis, Kalliopiasmos, Koirmaianouis : Artemis Aivaliotis, Mitsos: Anastasis Fuentes, Theodora: Kiki Pella

Theater in Nafplio (Syntagma Square)

Date / Starting time 
Saturday, October 8th 2022 at 20:00


Information / Reservations
Reservations on a priority basis by phone Τ. +30 698 698 2224

Did you know that?
Grigorios Xenopoulos (1867-1951) is a leading Greek novelist and playwright, one of the most prolific and widely read of Greek literature. He wrote more than 80 novels and a big number of short stories. He also wrote dramas and comedies with equal success, mainly about love. His works are ethnographies, highlighting the life of an era or a local society. Local and seasonal particularities often take on the force of unwritten laws, imposed through society.
The Hermionian Theater Group is the successor scheme of the old Theater Group, keeping its old initials. It appeared on the cultural map of the Prefecture of Argolis and the province of Ermionis in April of 2009.

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