Dino & Alina: "Με δόσεις κομψότητας"

5.467 μίλια και ένας ωκεανός μεταξύ μας, δεν ήταν πρόβλημα στην οργάνωση του γάμου του Dino και της Alina.
Οι καλεσμένοι τους από την Αμερική, την Λιθουανία και διάφορες χώρες της Ευρώπης ταξίδεψαν στην Ελλάδα για να πάρουν μέρος στην ομορφότερη μέρα της ζωής τους.


"The Discover Nafplio team is great to work with. While we were planning the wedding from the USA (5,400 miles away), Discover Nafplio listened and understood exactly what we were looking for in our wedding and provided additional ideas that made the wedding even more beautiful. The team was able to provide our guests from the USA, Lithuania and various parts of Greece the best hotel stays in Nafplio. Our planning was stress free due to the team's professionalism, patience, creativity, talent and reliable contacts.   We came one week in advance of the wedding just in case we would have to take care of last minute items and that was not the case. Discover Nafplio had taken care of everything for us and we were able to spend additional time with our family and friends in Nafplio. This made the experience also much more memorable and enjoyable for us. We are also looking forward to having our children's baptisms in Nafplio because of the success we had with Discover Nafplio. We truly enjoy working with Konstantina and Konstantina. We definitely recommend Discover Nafplio's services to couples seeking to have their wedding in Nafplio. 
Dino & Alina"









Photography: Yiannis Sotiropoulos

orthodox wedding , destination weddings Greece
orthodox wedding, destination weddings Greece
orthodox wedding , destination weddings Greece