Éspero - Night Melodies, every Friday of December 2023

Espero dining Nafplio

In Nafplio, the Friday evenings of December welcome the weekend in the best way! And at Éspero, there is a different vibe, with Melodies of the Night and the new, delightful Menu!

Starting from Friday, November 17th 2023, and every subsequent Friday night until the end of December, we enjoy Artistic, Folk, and Light-Folk Greek songs in the old town live, along with exquisite flavors in the wonderful atmosphere of the unique Éspero! We experience the Melodies of the Night, accompanied by Giannis Kapiris on guitar (and vocals) and Vassilis Petropoulos, on vocals and the unique sound of his bouzouki!
On Fridays in our magical city, we go out, savoring with all our senses and having a good time!

Giannis Kapiris (guitar, voice)
Vassilis Petropoulos (bouzouki, voice)

The venue
Éspero restaurant, 10, Papanikolaou str. (next to the Officers' Club), Nafplio (old town)

Day / Starting Time
From Friday, November 17th 2023 and every other Friday until the end of December, at 21:00.

T. +30 2752 027810

Did you know that?
Éspero means "I hope" in Spanish.
Above the restaurant, the suites of Éspero Royal Stay are also in operation! This way, you can gain a complete experience, both in terms of taste and the affordable luxury of a... royal stay!

Espero restaurant Nafplio
Espero restaurant Nafplio

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