Panorama - Celebrating Women's Day, Friday, March 8th 2024

Panorama Tolo interior

Beginning of Spring, new month, and Women's Day go hand in hand! On Friday, March 8th 2024 in Tolo, at our beloved Panorama Restaurant, we honor and celebrate her uniquely and specially, as she deserves...

Guided by the beloved Greek music we cherish, and indulging in delightful tastes from the unique Menu of Panorama Restaurant, this Friday evening of March 8th takes on a distinct color and mood. We witness a tried-and-true trio of local musicians performing favorite songs, we dance and sing all together!
Women's Day... Special atmosphere, beautiful music and unique flavors make the scene special for us, like a ship on the sea with open horizons, for the ladies-captains of our hearts!

Simos Gatsis, vocals
Thanos Gatsis, guitar - vocals
Vassilis Sotiropoulos, bouzouki

The brothers Simos and Thanos Gatsis are the sons of Giorgos Gatsis, a well-known singer in the area of Argolis. Simos Gatsis has been involved in singing since he was young, alongside his university studies (he is an agronomist), attending vocal lessons and participating in music groups, either created by himself or with his brother Thanos Gatsis, also a singer and musician. He has appeared in many places in Greece. His musical choices mostly revolve around Greek discography, and vocally, he moves with characteristic ease and special sensitivity in the field of Greek folk and art songs.

Event's Venue
Panorama Restaurant
1 Sekeri Str., GR 210-56, Tolo, Τ. +30 27520 58328, Ε.

Day / Time
Friday, March 8th 2024 in the evening, starting 20:30

T. +30 693 6454 028

Did you know that?
The International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th every year, as a day of remembrance of the struggles of the women's movement for women's rights (right to vote, hold public office, equal opportunities, against gender discrimination, etc.). While the first observance of Women's Day took place on February 28th 1909 in New York, March 8th was proposed by the International Women's Conference of 1910 to establish an "International Women's Day." In 1914, International Women's Day took place on March 8th, possibly because it was a Sunday, and since then, it has always been observed on this date in all countries. It was first established in 1977 by a decision of the United Nations General Assembly.
Panorama Restaurant -a family-owned business- has been operating continuously since 1995. It has now passed to the new generation of owners, and after the recent renovation, you can find it at its best! At the helm are Vasiliki and Panagiotis, to guide you on an intriguing gastronomic journey...!

Panorama live 08-03-2024 Woman's Day

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