Lighthouse of Nafplio - Singing the Lady-Sea, Thursday, June 22nd 2023

Μπούρτζι Ναυπλίου, Bourtzi of Nafplio Greece

On Thursday, June 22nd 2023 in the evening, at the Lighthouse of Nafplio, the Music School of Argolis melodically begins our summer, with a musical tribute to maritime Greece!

This musical tribute to maritime Greece, with Greek well-known, favorite songs, is entitled "Singing the Lady-Sea" and is offered to us by the Traditional Music Ensemble of the Music School of Argolis.
Shall we go to "Faro" (the Lighthouse)?

Teachers in charge
Dimitris Zachariou, Vassilis Kalagias, Thanos Karanassios, Marios Karahalios, Anastasis Litsas.

The lighthouse of Nafplio

Day | Starting time
Thursday, June 22nd 2023 at 20:30


Did you know that?
The Music School of Argolis is located in the village of Prosymna, in Argos.
The music schools of Greece (49 in number) are public secondary education schools specializing in music lessons. The first school of this kind established in Greece is the Music Gymnasium-Lyceum of Pallini, which began its operation in 1988.

Ναύπλιο Φάρος Μπούρτζι, Nafplio lighthouse to Bourtzi
Lighthouse of Nafplio Greece, Φάρος Ναυπλίου

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