Holy Easter in the churches of Nafplio

sunset in Nafplio port

A liturgical atmosphere, divine melodies and the uplifting of the soul, Holy Week and Easter Sunday in Nafplio are an unforgettable experience for visitors to the city...

If Easter means for you a climax through the divine drama, feel the devotion through the liturgies, the hymns and the melodies of Byzantine music in the worship places of Nafplio, in its famous churches and monasteries. But even if for you Easter means a few minutes of church service before Christ is risen, it is worth visiting the churches of the city to light a candle and get to know them better.
The Holy Passion Week begins on Holy Monday with the Holy Communion; on Holy Tuesday the troparion of the nun Kassiani is sung (The woman who had fallen into many sins). Holy Wednesday is dedicated to the Last Supper and the Prayer of Jesus on the Mount of Olives, on Maundy Thursday, the Twelve Gospels are sung with the "Simeon Krematai" (Today He is hanging from a piece of wood) touching the souls, while late at night in the holy churches of the city, the decoration of the Epitaphs takes place. On Good Friday in the afternoon, during the Epitaph Lamentation Service, hymns such as "Genneaii Pasai" (All Generations offer a hymn to your burial my Christ...) are sung, and in the evening the Procession of the Epitaphs follows, four of which are gathered in Syntagma Square accompanied by Byzantine epitaph hymns, by the angelic voices of the choirs and the Philharmonic Orchestra. On Holy Saturday, the First Resurrection takes place in the morning, with the joyful peals of the Philharmonic Orchestra, while in the evening the Resurrection Service takes place and "Christ is Risen" is sung, with fireworks lighting up the city sky. In the afternoon of Easter Sunday, the Vespers of Love is celebrated, and in some of the surrounding villages the custom of the "Burning of Judas" is revived, while on the second day of Easter, solemn Orthodox services of the Resurrection and the Divine Liturgy are held in the churches.

Evangelistria Church Nafplio, Ευαγγελίστρια Ναυπλίου

Pilgrimage to the churches

The Church of Panagia, dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, to Agios Dimitrios and the New Martyr Agios Anastasios of Nafplio, is a historic, stately 15th century church with an imposing iconostasis, pulpit and archpriest's throne. It is particularly famous for the Epitaph Procession on Good Friday and its excellent choir.

Agios Georgios (Saint George)
The Metropolis of Nafplio, built in the 16th century and the most historic church of the city, has experienced some of the most important moments in history. Its hagiographies, its old portable icons and Leonardo da Vinci's copy of the Last Supper are noteworthy. 

Agios Spyridon
Known for the assassination of the first Governor Ioannis Kapodistrias and built during the Venetian rule, it is worth passing through the door to see the small and very solemn post-Byzantine church, but also to attend the divine services that are held here. It is also home to the miraculous icon of Saint Barbara, which is celebrated with all honors on December 4th.

"Evangelistria" Church
In a location overlooking the entire city, including Argos, Evangelistria, a former small monastery, is a church dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, with its right aisle dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Visit the marble baptistery, the chapel of Agios Fanourios on the south side, and see the collection of historical artefacts.

Aygo Monastery in Argolis Greece, Μονή Αυγού Αργολίδας

For complete tranquility and devotion

Holy Church of Saint Luke the Physician
On the provincial road from Nafplio to Candia, turning onto an asphalt path, you will find one of the most impressive and at the same time solemn churches of Argolis. The desert landscape highlights the Russian architecture of the church, where a fragment of the incorruptible heart of Saint Luke is kept, while on the ground floor there is an excellent museum with photographic material from his life and personal objects of the Saint, such as his medical instruments.

Agia Moni
In the area of Aria Nafplio, at the roots of a rock and in a mystical setting, is the Holy Monastery dedicated to the Zoodochos Pigi (spring of life). This women's hermitage, built in the mid-12th century, is one of the few preserved examples of a Byzantine church. The icon of the Manifest Christ was found in 1920, behind the sanctuary of the church by Theodoros Rogopoulos, the Greek-American who had a dream and came to Nafplio to bring the icon to light.

"Karakala" Monastery
At the foot of Mount Arachneo (13 km from Nafplio), the nunnery of St. Demetrios Karakalas is also called Monastery Xerocastelli, as there used to be a Frankish tower (castelli) there. Built in the 11th century, the nunnery consists of the churches of Agia Paraskevi, Agia Irini Chrysovalantou, Panagia Portaitissa, Agios Nektarios and Hosios Ephraim of Syros.

Holy Monastery of Saint Demetrios or Avgo Monastery
In southeastern Argolis, on the slopes of Mount Avgo, the stone monastery hidden in the immense rocks, the Holy Monastery of Saint Demetrios, better known as "Moni Avgou" (Avgo Monastery), arouses awe and emotion in its visitors and pilgrims. In this magnificent complex in a fortress-like character, see the 18th century archontory, climb up to the first floor with the empty cells and proceeding to the second floor notice how extremely small the cell doors are, admire the frescoes in the small orthodox church (whish is bi-component, has two sectors), visit the cave-chapel of the Transfiguration.

The schedule of the Holy Masses, the services and the time of the Resurrection Service is posted on the doors of the churches, for the information of the public.
For Religious Tourism in Nafplio, apart from the classic individual visit to the churches, there is also a proposal for an organized visit with a priest: Discover the city through religion (preferably on weekdays, not on major holidays, so that the priest can be present to conduct it).

Agios Georgios Nafplio, Άγιος Γεώργιος Ναυπλίου

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