Corsage - classic or particular?

Every bride normally chooses her best friends as bridesmaids, to be able to have them on her side in a special way, on such an important day for her. Beyond the colors and designs of their dresses, their hairstyle and makeup, special emphasis should also be placed on the accessories that adorn their appearance. "Corsage", therefore, and not only for our beloved bridesmaids... 

The "corsage" is a small bouquet of flowers, worn in a woman's dress or around her wrist like a bracelet, on formal occasions. With a little imagination, of course, you can give forms to it, that will capture all glances and steel the impressions.

The hand bracelet is one of the most common choices. Tie it to the wrist and decorate it with natural or artificial flowers, ribbons, even with pearls or rhinestones.

For something more special, you can make a bracelet for the arm. Inspired by the ancient Greek style, this accessory flatters the appearance and magnetizes the look.

When there is a desire for something more discreet, but also special, then choose to decorate your bridesmaids finger with a ring of various flowers and colors, that refer to your bouquet.

A more imaginative suggestion is to combine corsage and ring together. Join these two ornaments and make them one item, that will offer a unique style to the hand.

Something classic and above all chic, is the flowers on the shoulder. A dress that leaves one shoulder uncovered can really take off, when the stripe, holding the other shoulder, is covered with a beautiful flower composition.

Another point, that each bridesmaid can adorn with flowers, is her hair. With a discreet or rich composition create vintage, boho, romantic or ethnic wreaths, that in any case will give harmony to your wedding image.

If you are a modern person, then dare to wear the flowers on the foot of the bridesmaids. Especially if your wedding will take place on a beach, this is surely an ideal suggestion! Around the ankle or until up the leg, it will definitely be something very impressive!

Ultimately, since details form the final result, trust the Discover Nafplio Weddings team and Implement ideas and suggestions to make it simply unique!

Source of Photos: Pinterest

corsages, bridesmaids, wedding, nafplio, discovernafplioweddings, flowers
corsages, bridesmaids, wedding, nafplio, discovernafplioweddings, flowers
corsages, bridesmaids, wedding, nafplio, discovernafplioweddings, flowers

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