How to make your civil wedding really special

Not few couples choose a civil ceremony to get married, either for their convenience, or because of their beliefs... Although a civil wedding may seem simpler and easier to organize, it nevertheless represents a special moment... one in which the couple officially becomes one!

So give it a minimal or glamourous shine and add some "magic" to your special moment, with a few ideas...

Destination Wedding
Take your friends and some beloved relatives with you and unite in marriage with your sweetheart in a special destination! ...
Nafplio is the perfect destination for you! Choose a mountain as a background, the sea or one of its imposing monuments and let yourself be drawn to the beauty of the landscape…

Wear white
Nothing will make you feel more like getting married, than a white gown! Long or short, frugal or "extravagant", a white dress is more or less the "wedding statement"! Combine it with various accessories (veil, hair accessories, jewelry) and impress... After all, it is an indisputable right of the bride to wear whatever she wants on her wedding day!

Dress up and decorate the place
No one will say anything, if you place a small flower composition on the town hall table, that will make the atmosphere even more festive. If the ceremony is to be held outdoors, create a structure of various shapes, decorate it as you wish and enjoy being photographed there on this very special moment of yours.
Hold a wedding bouquet, have the groom and all men present wear boutonnieres, a flower corsage for the ladies, and you're ready for a truly elegant civil wedding!

Smile please!
Since such an important day is a shame not to be captured in a photographic film, hire a professional photographer, who will have you pose in a most beautiful way, to keep the best of memories. Also, in order not to miss any spontaneous moment, Polaroid effectively can provide your guests the opportunity to capture them.

A wedding table... for everybody!
What could be more beautiful, than to complete your wedding ceremony offering a small reception or throwing a party for you and your beloved guests! You can choose between a gourmet restaurant or a small tavern, depending on your style and personality.
Do not forget the decoration of your wedding table... and celebrate with champagne and toasts for a happy life!

Your wedding day should be really special and the Discover Nafplio Weddings Team is right beside you, to give it the "sparkle" it needs...


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