Chara & Giannis: "The perfect match"

After four months of intensive preparation, one of the most beautiful weddings, that of Chara and Giannis, was completed. Nothing can be compared to the inspiration that a couple is offering, when made up of two people, that are characterized by kindness, good manners, and a very good mood! These were the elements that this couple from Patra had when they visited us wanting to chart their common life here... in the historical city of Nafplio.

The mood of everyone was at its peak from early on, as the ceremony took place in one of the most beautiful places in Nafplio, the Old Clock. The view had created an atmosphere of excitement that predisposed the sequel... revel and dancing until dawn! The little ones and the adults had the fun of their lives, relatives and close friends of the couple joined together and became one big happy group, that had a lovely time and gave the party its very best!

From the steady and charismatic character of the couple, the decoration came out. Based on geometric shapes, it was combined with gold for more warmth and with white, pink, and light yellow colors, offering a unique elegance at the ceremony and the reception venue.


What can we say about this team ??? A huge THANK YOU as it was all wonderful, fantastic, perfectly organized... You need to know that we feel like we have made new friends in Nafplio. Everything was planned to the last detail, aesthetic, and artistic approach of the decoration that won us over from the first moment, professionalism yet with a kind and lovely approach. Our guests were thrilled! Our parents too! Thank you so much… The energy you have is incredible!!! You became part of our family to know and you are the first to mention when we talk about our wedding !!!

Chara & Giannis