Kristin & Pedro

The real puzzle about this wedding, is that it happens to be within Greece and not somewhere outside of Boston, where the couple resides.

Kristin and Pedro, wishing for a classic, yet modern wedding during the period of Orthodox Easter, visited us last summer in our beautiful Nafplio, Greece. "We have decided to get married in Nafplio. It may be a bit far away, but it is a beloved place, it is in our hearts and minds, since it connects me with my family," Kristin confided in us, leaving her mark.

So that was it; they had found the destination; now we had to find the venues. The decision was difficult, because Kristin had dreamed of the wedding party taking place in a terrestrial paradise; as so we had to transform the reception venue. After sharing their dreams for this day, we designed and created a romantic, warm ceremony and a unique reception for their 150 guests. A timeless and sophisticated invitation set the tone for the wedding, which revolved around a color palette of white, black, with golden accents and vibrant greens.

The couple chose the sacred church of "Panagia" in the old town of Nafplio for the ceremony. They decided to follow the tradition and not go together to the church, but see each other there. The route to the church had a special local touch: a traditional orchestra accompanied the bride with her father and their guests to the church. After saying "I do," the newlyweds walked through the cobblestone alleys of the old town and led their guests to a dazzling hall, specially arranged for their wedding reception. Get ready for an elegant decoration, luxurious materials and abundant, warm lighting.

Before entering the hall, they sealed their marriage with a kiss. This prompted the folk band to start playing "Dynata, dynata" (all the impossible became possible, according to a famous Greek song by Eleftheria Arvanitaki) as they walked down the aisle. The couple kicked off the celebration with their first dance, and the dance floor remained packed until the morning...

The smile, the warm embrace of Kristin and Pedro, and a promise made at the end of the evening were a confirmation for us, that they lived this day just as they had dreamed!

Yiannis Sotiropoulos


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