Karina & Orestis: "Gimme all your love"

Greece & Cuba, mark "X" (equal)!... One of our loveliest couples, left the magical Miami -where they live- to marry (where else?) in the enchanting Nafplio! Caught hand by hand, they began to launch their joint course...

Our lovely couple was dynamic and determined. As so, an incredible collaboration between us was created and everything went smoothly and with a lot of fun, from start to finish. 
Karina, with a Cuban temperament, has brought to us all the energy of her homeland. The Cuban element met with the Greek culture at the wedding party, and the guests' mood went totally on fire! The dance, the revel and the songs took over, leaving in everyone who attended their wedding party the most wonderful memories!

As in the decoration, having a minimal and chic style, the white color dominated with touches of green and gold, as they had it dreamed of.

We were very lucky to have the opportunity to work with you! Karina and I are extremely happy with your work, problem solving abilities, attitude and especially the final result! We couldn’t have asked for anything more. We’re leaving Greece extremely content and proud of a beautiful and fun wedding experience. Some people even told us that this was the best wedding they have ever been to...  great job!




Photography: Yiannis Sotiropoulos