Yacht Nafplio

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59, Bouboulinas str. Nafplio (port), GR 211-00
+30 27520 25686

If there is a hangout in Nafplio, that can take you to open horizons and azure seas, it is definitely Yacht, on Bouboulina street. If you've been there, you know.
I stroll along the harbor, and as I gaze at the anchored boats one by one, I reminisce about summer vacations at sea and chart new routes in the map of my mind. As I almost daydream, my steps instinctively lead me to Boumpoulina street, and soon I "board" my favorite Yacht. A consistent preference for yacht owners and all those seeking high quality in their outings, this unique café and cocktail bar dropped anchor in 2020 on Miaouli Coast and has not stopped taking us on journeys since then.

Decoration drawn from sailors’ stories
I pause for a moment in the bright outdoor space to fill myself with sky and sea, and I think about how blessed this country truly is. I wonder if everyone sitting leisurely at the tables under the large white umbrellas, enjoying their coffee and conversation, thinks the same.
The modern, minimalist decoration of the All Day coffee-bar, based on tones of gray with touches of green from natural plants, was wisely chosen to create a familiar luxury and an elegant simplicity in the space. At the same time, it frames and highlights the exceptional location and the unobstructed view. I declare myself enchanted, but I must tell you that if you go to Yacht and don't see its inspired interior, you have missed an incredible interior design concept.
Entering its high-ceilinged space, you'll want to sit on the impressive sofas with high backs and the armchairs in shades of beige, mustard and lime, located respectively to the right and left of the entrance door. A huge black metal light fixture will draw your gaze upward, and then you'll see... a ship's helm! Ascend the large wooden staircase, surrounded by shelves with bottles of wines and spirits and reach the top, where hanging whale sculptures and ornate mirrors will make you feel like the master of the world for a moment.
Returning to the ground floor, the high tables and stools, the large bar dressed in dark wood, and the small counter with 3-4 stools, with shelves of wine bottles in front of it, are the ideal places to enjoy your wine or cocktail. In the background, a beautiful, warm corner with three tables and small armchairs is suitable for more private moments, and it is precisely this corner that I choose to sit in. A courteous waiter brings the coffee I ordered just a while ago, and the first delightful sips reveal an exceptional, robust blend, just the way I like it.

A lifetime, full speed ahead
I share my positive impressions with the gracious owner of Yacht, Mr. Panagiotis Skouras, who shows me with pride and a smile the San Remo coffee machine: the "engine room" of the place, as he calls it, upon the design of which the entire decoration is based. Impressive!
But why "Yacht" and not something else? I wonder. Hailing from Ermioni (town of Argolis), raised by the sea, with two uncles and a grandfather who were sailors, Panagiotis transformed his experiences and love for the sea into a "cocktail bar" - as he himself calls it - an "all day hangout", as I would allow myself to say, considering Yacht truly an ideal place for outings, from morning till night.

Delights you'll love
A beautiful day becomes even more beautiful, when it starts at Yacht with a coffee and a chat with your friends. As wonderful as the coffee is here, don't miss the opportunity to accompany it with the choices from the excellent Breakfast & Brunch list!
On the menu, you'll find sweet and savory treats, divided into eloquent categories like “So...sweet” and “Healthy & Delicious”. If you're a sweet lover like me, don't forget to try the "naughty" pancakes with a trilogy of chocolate, cookies, and banana; and of course, Yacht's delicious waffles. Equally tasty are the healthy options, such as scrambled eggs with egg whites, turkey, Philadelphia, and green salad, scrambled eggs with salmon, yogurt with fruits, honey, and nuts, and the refreshing fruit salad.
From the "So...yummy" category, I succumbed to the unbeatable taste of traditional kagiana and the temptation of pancakes with 2 fried eggs, pine syrup, bacon and mushroom duxelle. If you love bao buns, try the Bao shrimp here, with shrimp, cucumber, carrot, caramelized onions and sweet chili sauce. And if you appreciate a good burger, the Captain’s Burger awaits you with juicy beef minced neat, as well as the Vegan Burger, with minced fresh vegetables.
The truth is, no matter what clicks for you on the menu, whatever your appetite craves, at the moment you find yourself at Yacht, from a simple toast to a hearty burger, you can be sure it's made from pure, high-quality ingredients -an invaluable fact...

Cocktails on Yacht
While the city winds down its rhythms and the mood invites you for an evening drink, come to Yacht to try its second “heavy artillery” after coffee: the homemade cocktails, seven of which are also signature -a true inspiration from the bartender! But what makes them so special? Panagiotis explains to me that Yacht's cocktails are flavored with mastic, lavender and peppermint from their own field, made with pure fruit purees, ingredients that contribute to an exceptionally flavorful result.
I have nothing better than coming to Yacht in the evening, sitting at its bar, swaying to its beautiful, always foreign music that intensifies the atmosphere indoors at night, and savoring my favorite "Smell like Aegean" cocktail, with mastic scented with lavender, lemon, sour cherry and black sugar syrup. And the night flows sweetly, like the caress of the wind over the waves...
The destination doesn't matter, but the journey -as the poet says- and Yacht generously provides moments and memories on a journey, that you simply don't want to end...

Did you know that?
The place is ideal for parties, social and corporate gatherings, events with music or art exhibitions.
Yacht organizes super music events with DJs and radio producers, while its Latin parties become the talk of the town.
Art enthusiasts might stumble upon an interesting photography or painting exhibition here.
Yacht is very family-friendly, providing space for children to move around and child-sized chairs for the smaller ones.
In addition to good coffee, you can enjoy excellent hot chocolates, granitas, and milkshakes, as well as natural juices and homemade lemonade.
If you're not a fan of cocktails, choose from the few but strong wine labels or opt for a good ouzo or tsipouro.
If you crave seafood meze and ouzo, I highly recommend an excellent dining proposal right next to it, the "Kellari" restaurant, which is under the same ownership.

In your choices
Drinks, Beers, Cocktails, Wine, Coffee, Juices, Soft drinks, Breakfast, Smoothies, Toasts, Pizza, Pasta, Crepes, Scrambled eggs, Burgers, Desserts, Waffles, Fruit salad, Ice cream, take-away.

All Day Café, Snack-Bar - Restaurant 

Opening hours
Everyday: from 08:00, until late... (the kitchen until midnight)

All year round

59, Bouboulinas str. Nafplio (port), GR 211-00
+30 27520 25686

Yacht Nafplio

Μπουμπουλίνας 59, Ναύπλιο (λιμάνι) T.K. 211 00