Castellano Hotel & Suites

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9, Koletti Str. Nafplio Argolis - GR 211 00
+30 27520 96300
From 160 €

Boutique hotel in the heart of old town's Sintagma Square. Beautifully designed with state of art bedding and linen, offering a luxurious stay at walking distance from best of Nafplion's sights.

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Δωρεάν ακύρωση έως 14 ημέρες πριν.
Παιδιά έως 2 ετών δωρεάν
Distance from beach
Η κοντινότερη παραλία είναι η πλαζ της Αρβανιτιάς σε απόσταση 400 μέτρων
Lobby lounge bar
Non smoking rooms
Sunshine Yard
Heating/Air Conditioning
Breakfast at the room
Room service
Mini Bar
Products for personal care
Baggage Storage
Special Menus (on request)
9, Koletti Str. Nafplio Argolis - GR 211 00
+30 27520 96300

"Guards" your dreams
Every time I visit Nafplio, I feel the excitement of a small child discovering hidden treasures. A walk on Amalias Street led my steps in front of such a treasure, the Castellano Hotel & Suites.
The new child of "Neoclassiki Group" came to be added to its quiver with hotels of high aesthetics, offering a sort of prestige to the small square, just a few meters from the dominant one, the Syntagma Square.

Where history breathes
At the point, where formerly an old mansion stood in ruins, today we see a lovely new hotel, that artfully combines the unsurpassed glory of the neoclassical, with the contemporary aesthetics of refined elegance.
Before passing the entrance, I stand at a distance to observe it, as one notices a great painting. Balance, harmony and strict lines on its facade, but also a wink in romance.
What was this building like a few decades ago, who was seen on its balconies, how many parties had it hosted in its good days? With these thoughts and having also visited the other hotels of the "Neoclassiki Group", such as the "3Sixty", the "Ippoliti", the "Nafsimedon", the "Xenon Inn" nearby, the impatience to see its interior took me over.

Luxury that you live
At the reception, kind Katerina is waiting for me, who guides me to the hotel's 7 rooms; the 2 superiors, the 4 junior suites and the unique queen suite.
Going up the wooden staircase and reaching the first floor, I notice the details that make the difference, such as the elegant lamps and the pots with the orchids.
A sense of unpretentious luxury and minimal chic blows like a sweet breeze on my face, as we enter room 101. No description will be able to capture the nobility, which gives the high ceiling and admiration in front of the aesthetically perfect decorative result.
I pull the curtain with the meanders ending and seeing the view of the historic Syntagma Square and Akronafplia fortress, I realize how quiet the place is, in such a neuralgic part of the city.
The king size bed with the Chesterfield leather headboard, lined with exquisite fabrics, is waiting for visitors to "perish" in its unique mattress enjoying a deep and uninterrupted sleep. The wall behind it with the particular technique takes on the leading role, while the minimal lighting exquisitely orchestrates the light and shadows.
A large mirror that -surprisingly- hides a television, a black retro chic fan, a metal open closet, two armchairs dressed in burgundy velvet, a renaissance bathtub, prove that everything was designed with emphasis on the smallest detail.
In the superior room, my heart is captured by the big round bed and the shower with the shower-rain, while in the junior suite the petrol shade warms up the space, which hosts a king size bed and a cozy open sofa and overlooks the beautiful "small square" and the central Amalia Street.

God save the Queen
The suite located in the attic, is the most elegant, justifiably named as "Queen". Laid out in 33 sq.meters, it's like a shelter for lovers, from where you never wish to come out. Its layout is special, as befits a queen, with a small elegant living room with tinted mirrors in the entrance hall, and few steps to the left a cozy corner with a sofa under the window, overlooking Syntagma Square -relaxing space for reading, with hot cocoa and a blanket.
The suite's huge bed is irresistibly inviting, to enjoy your sleep or watch a movie on the 'hidden" television in the mirror.
In the center right of the attic, the bathroom and shower facilities are placed in separate rooms, admittedly being a smart architectural proposition.
And while I am already enchanted by... her ladyship, I step out to her large private balcony. I bow to the view, which sees the castle of Palamidi and the "small square" from above, but also to the fantasy of enjoying your breakfast or drink, literally feeling on the top.

Castellano Grande!
And just when I said I had seen it all, the huge "trump card" of Castellano was revealed on the top floor: its most impressive and majestic Suite of 160m2, with Syntagma Square and Vassileos Konstantinou str. on the plate! With its 3 bedrooms, which comfortably accommodate up to 6 people or a family, with its huge living and dining area, the kitchen and the 2 bathrooms, it ensures the most comfortable stay for its guests; the most magical vacation! Luxury, unique views and privacy, to feel like a real lord of this beautiful historic city!
"Castellano" is here to guard your dreams, closing into its elegance and hospitality your most beautiful moments and memories...

Did you know that?
On the ground floor of Castellano -with main entrance from Syntagma Square- its unique café bistrot is here, to offer refined dishes and selected wine labels, in an extremely elegant environment -also open to non-guests of the hotel.
The name Castellano comes from the castellan, which means "the commander of the guard of a castle in the Middle Ages, the chief guard".
With the open sofas, the rooms become four-bedded, while if you have a baby with you, a baby cot is also available.
For larger groups, ask for the rooms 101 & 102 that become joined, and if you are a large group member, you can either stay here, but also spread in the other hotels of the Group.
Total available 7 lux. rooms & suites, as well as 2 apartments of 160sq.m. each!

License Numbers: 1124417 / 145305913000

Castellano Hotel & Suites

Κωλέττη 9, Ναύπλιο, Τ.Κ. 211 00, Αργολίδα