10 reasons to come to Nafplio for Easter

Easter eggs, πασχαλινά αυγά

The old town with its picturesque alleys and beautiful mansions, the blooming nature with bougainvilleas in every corner, the Greek traditions that are observed every year, the psalms from the churches and endless walks under the spring sun are the ideal invitation to spend the Holy Days of Easter in your favorite city.

The reasons to visit Nafplio during the days of Easter and experience the Resurrection here are countless. We have selected the 10 most important ones, that will make your vacation truly unforgettable:


The oasis of blooming nature
Just before you reach Nafplio, passing through endless fields of orange trees, the nature of Argolis welcomes you with the most refreshing scents! Within the city, parks and courtyards are full of blooming flowers, with the characteristic pink bougainvilleas of the city becoming a point of admiration and the subject of many photographic memories.


The endless walks in the alleys
Nafplio is beautiful all year round, but certainly, the weather that sweetens spring invites you to walk in the city's alleys, to cross the seaside road with a view of Bourtzi again and again, to climb high to Palamidi to admire the magnificent view, and to wander in the narrow streets of Psaromachala with the picturesque little houses.

ανθισμένες βουκαμβίλιες Ναύπλιο, blossomed bougainvillea flowers in Nafplio
Πελοπόννησος Ναύπλιο Αργολίδας, Nafplio Peloponnese Greece

The customs of the place
While Greek traditions may be disappearing in the Greek capital with the passing of time, in Nafplio they are faithfully observed. On Lazarus' Saturday, women and children knead "Lazaraki" bread and sing the songs of Lazarus. On Holy Thursday, the streets are filled with the scent of freshly baked "tsoureki" and cookies, while in the evening, women gather in churches to decorate the Epitaphs. On Good Friday, the epitaph of each church will follow its own route, all ending up together in Syntagma Square, with psalms, choirs, and lanterns creating a unique atmosphere of contrition. On the night of the Resurrection, churches fill up with people and after the "Christ is Risen" proclamation, the sky is painted with a thousand colors of fireworks! Easter Sunday is a day of celebration, with lamb on the spit and families gathering on a feast with food, wine, dances, and traditional songs.

Πάσχα στο Ναύπλιο, Nafplio Pasxa, Easter in Nafplio
Πάσχα στο Ναύπλιο, Nafplio Pasxa, Easter in Nafplio

The delicacies of Easter and the local specialties 
During Easter, you can find delicious local dishes and specialties in the city's tavernas and restaurants (fasting or not) made with pure local ingredients. If you are fasting, try the delicious seafood dishes at a beloved fish tavern, called O Roulis. For Easter Sunday and the evening of the Resurrection, it's a good idea to make a reservation, to enjoy dishes like "magiritsa" (traditional soup of Easter), maybe some "frigadeli" (traditional Easter fried lamb bites), lamb fricassee, and "ovelia" (roasted lamb on the spit), accompanied by good Agiorgitiko wine. There are Easter Menu options, as you will find in the lovely Éspero restaurant, but also free menu, with the choice of dish (e.g. the "magiritsa"), as offered at the traditional Greek taverns in the city (max. until 22:00). Of course, you can always try other excellent food options in the city, which are worth tasting, such as at the outstanding Itria cucina italiana, run by the distinguished chef Ilias Kokkoris. Finally, do not forget to try the traditional orange pie and fresh "loukoumades" (fried dough balls with honey), while a huge variety of Greek and Italian ice cream in fantastic flavors awaits you as well. But try first of all, the Greek, local, fresh ice cream that is made in front of you, at Gelarto!

Red Easter eggs custom, πασχαλινά αυγά τσούγκρισμα
Πάσχα στο Ναύπλιο, Nafplio Pasxa, Easter in Nafplio

Kosmos Bakery

78, Argous str. Nafplio, GR 21100
+ 30 27520 29100


10, Papanikolaou str. (next to the Officers' Club), GR 211-00 Nafplio
27520 27810

Itria cucina italiana

81, Bouboulinas Str., GR 211-00, Nafplio (Port)
+30 27520 26005

A! Ladokampos Gold

Kolokotroni Square, Nafplio GR. 211 00
27520 27777

O Roulis

Nafplio - Nea Kios Coastal road, GR 212-00 Dalamanara area
+30 27510 52006

Kontogiorgos Café

3, Akti Miaouli, 211 00 Nafplio (Old Port)
+30 27520 28686


4, Ethnikis Antistaseos Str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
+30 27520 28383

The pleasure of coffee under the sun
The wonderful cafeterias on the harbor (Akti Miaouli street), like the historic Kontogiorgos Café, the ones on Syntagma Square, on the Bouboulina's coastal road and the narrow streets of the city are waiting for you to relax and enjoy your coffee with your partner, friends or family. In the historic and beautiful Syntagma Square, children play carefree as their parents enjoy their coffee, while on the picturesque harbor of Nafplio -mentioned before- the view towards Bourtzi is simply unbeatable!

harbor of Nafplio, παραλία πόλης Ναυπλίου
αγορά παλιάς πόληςΝαυπλίου, σουβενίρ Νυπλιο, shops in Nafplio old town, souvenirs of Nafplio

The Easter gift and souvenir shopping
In the narrow streets of the old town, you will find numerous shops and workshops selling handmade items, where you can choose the Easter wax candle for yourself, your child, or your godchild and buy the most beautiful presents! At the pastry shops and bakeries, you will find a wide variety of chocolate eggs, delicious cookies and fluffy "tsoureki" buns, to accompany your gifts or to enjoy for yourself. Everywhere you go, you're captivated by the smells! But the variety, infinite options, colors and aromas of Kosmos Bakery is out of competition!
At the touristic shops, you can choose the souvenir that will remind you of your vacation in Nafplio forever, and don't forget to take with you some handmade spoon sweets and tasty jams made from fresh local fruits. For selected wines, but mainly for olives, local olive oil, as also other fine traditional gifts, look for "A! Ladokampos Gold" in the Kolokotroni park! Try them all, with a glass of cool wine in its stylish sitting room, overlooking the park!


The children's carefree play
If you come to Nafplio with your family, it is certain that the kids will totally enjoy it. Endless play in the city's playgrounds for children is expecting them, bicycle rides on the large pedestrian streets and rides on the touristic train, the carriages, that you find waiting for tourists at the port, or the four-wheeled bicycles. The Museum of Childhood is worth visiting, while also, your kids may creatively spend their time by participating in the educational Easter workshops of the Fougaro Art Center.

images of Nafplio Peloponnese Greece, εικόνες από Ναύπλιο

The warm hospitality of the accommodation
You will find a variety of options for your stay in Nafplio, from small boutique hotels to large hotels, from simple rooms to luxury suites, to suit all tastes, needs, and budgets. An easily accessible quality proposition for you, could be the Aion Luxury Hotel, behind the coastal Bouboulina street. In the extension of the coastal area, in the new city, check out the newly built Capital Suites, with its fantastic suites and the saltwater pool! Even in the absolute center, the beautiful Syntagma Square, you will find excellent proposals. New entry there, is the special Epoch House & The Orange Shop, which is worth checking out. Whatever you choose, one thing is certain: you will be welcomed with the embrace of authentic Greek hospitality, offered red Easter eggs and treats and you will be well taken care of, to ensure that your stay here is unforgettable!

Epoch House & The Orange Shop

5, Syntagma Square, Nafplio, Argolis GR 211-00
+30 27520 98777

Origami Boutique Residences

8, Perikleous str., Nafplio GR 211 00
+30 27520 97917

Capital Suites

25, Perikleous Str. Nafplio, Argolis, GR 21100
+30 27520 99209

Aion Luxury Hotel

+30 27520 99377 | 99378 | 99352

The experience of one-day excursions
You may have chosen Nafplio for your stay and its incomparable beauty to keep you close to it, but it's certainly worth taking a ride to visit archaeological sites nearby, such as Αncient Tiryns or EpidaurusArgos - The most ancient city of Greece, Mycenae and -a bit further away- Ancient Nemea, as well as the Nafplio's surrounding villages, a mountainous like Pyrgiotika or the coastal villages around, like the well known Tolo, Ancient Assini - Kastraki, Iria, Kandia, Vivari and Drepano, with its famous Plaka beach.


The season's first dives into the sea
Ιf the weather permits or if you are simply daring, dive into the waters of Arvanitia or the nearby Karathona beach. You will be impressed by how many swimmers prefer them, almost throughout the year! If you are not one of the brave, lie lazily on the beach and feel the warm sun rays rejuvenating your every body-cell...

Spring dresses Nafplio with a thousand colors and scents and promises unforgettable Easter holidays! We are waiting for you with your loved ones to enjoy every moment in one of the most picturesque cities in Greece!

images of Nafplio Peloponnese Greece, εικόνες από Ναύπλιο

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