Easter 2019 in Nafplio

The city's fans often claim that you may wonderfully spend Easter in the glorious capital; the truth is, though, that if you do not escape to the Greek province these days, you will not experience the real Easter spirit.

Nafplio is an ideal destination for Easter holidays, as:
- It combines a cosmopolitan air, modern comforts and facilities, with a carefree mood and a traditional character.
- The bougainvillea flowers have blossomed, the streets come alive, the windows burst open... Spring matches so well with Nafplio!
- You enter the Easter spirit immediately, since the city starts the events on Saturday of Lazarus.
- Children are having a blast, as they participate in a lot of festive events and come in contact with traditional customs, such as "Lazarakia", Hunting of the Lost Egg, Easter Wreaths and "May".
- If you are visiting for the first time or you intent to come back, think about discovering the hidden secrets of the old city in less than 2 hours having a wonderful time, as you can book your participation into the unique open space mystery game called Nafplio Mystery Hunt, and make the most of it!
- The city fills with smells of traditional cookies and Easter buns and breads baking in homes and bakeries.
- You experience the mysticism of the Easter days by listening to Byzantine hymns and odes by local choirs.
- You follow the procession of the Epitaphs of the Metropolitan Church of Agios Georgios (St. George), the Church of Panagia and the Church of Agios Nikolaos and watch their meeting in Syntagma Square with the accompaniment of the Philharmonic and Ecclesiastical Choirs. Or go to Tolo, where the procession of the Epitaph with the accompaniment of boats and chants is a special experience.
- You watch the city illuminated by fireworks, which explode in the evening sky on Resurrection day. Christ is Risen! The Lord truly!
- You spend a unique time in one of the traditional feasts, set up in the squares of villages, with the roasting-spits turning, the red eggs, and the wine-filled glasses clashing. And of course, you do not neglect to try "frygadeli" and lamb "fricasse".
- You enjoy the first ice cream with a "tsoureki" flavor and drink your first "freddo" coffee of the season gazing at people strolling in Bouboulina pedestrian street or Akti Miaouli, overlooking at the sun-bathed Bourtzi castle in front of you.

In Nafplio, you celebrate the Resurrection of Christ with all your senses, but above all, it makes you sense a personal elevation and feel grateful that you live some of your best moments here, in the first capital of Greece...

Easter suggestions - Tips

To stay:
If you seek a hotel with a history aura, book a room overlooking the Bourtzi in Grande Bretagne Hotel, at Filellinon Square, and live the experience. But even if you do not stay here, do not forget that you may enjoy your coffee or your tea in the cafeteria, inside or in the courtyard, right on the square.
Nafsimedon Hotel, in Sidiras Merarchias street, is a unique restored mansion ideal for you, who love the authentic tradition and an air of old times combined with absolute quality of accommodation.
In Elena Hotel, also in Sidiras Merarchias street, you will find a room in lower prices and a family atmosphere of warmth and nice hospitality.

For coffee and sweets:
Sokaki Café is a solid city value, with a décor that travels to distant countries, very good coffee, rich breakfasts and the best crepes in Nafplio!
If you wish to drink your coffee and feel the sea breeze gazing at Bourtzi castle just in front of you, your choice is called Kontogiorgos Café, on Akti Miaoulis.
In Gelarto, which has turned the ice cream into art, but also serves coffee and cakes, you will find unique home made ice cream, now with familiar Easter flavors: Strawberry Pavlova, Lila Pause, Caprice, ice cream with "tsoureki" flavor and vegan and fasting choices, like sorbet mango, strawberry and lemon and bitter chocolate. Except -of course- the already favorite flavors, panacotta, banofee, yogurt with passion fruit, buenno and various others...
For a coffee to go and a quick delicious snack, prefer going to Mesali bakery. The smell of Easter buns will highly inspire you and it is for sure that you will not resist neither these, nor the delicious sweets made there.

To eat:
In Itria cucina italiana, in Staikopoulou street, the distinguished chef Ilias Kokkoris and his team create the most authentic Italian tastes, that young and old absolutely love.
Vyzantio, a tavern among bougainvillea flowers, serves Greek and Serbian cuisine. In Easter you will there find traditional Greek Easter menu, with roasted lamb -plain delight!
If you value the traditional Easter flavors, you must go to Kipos Restaurant, in Filellinon Square, for a delicious Easter soup ("magiritsa") and lamb in the roasting-spit!
Fanaria is the traditional tavern, which is not accidentally suggested by the largest travel guides. Here you will enjoy all the famous traditional recipes, you will taste the authentic Greek cooking. However, it will remain closed in the Easter Saturday evening, since they attend the Mess; opening again the Easter Sunday afternoon. So visit it all the other hours.
Easter indicates village! If you agree, go to Alexander's land (Alexandros) in the village of Prophitis Elias, for lamb, "kokoretsi", red eggs and live music.
In Lefkakia village, right next to the church of "Ypapanti", in Psalidas tavern, Voula will be waiting for you with her traditional recipies. After the Resurrection, there you will enjoy an excellent Easter soup, while on Easter Sunday they will have roasting-spits and roast lambs honoring the custom.

Special gifts:
Special edition cigars, smokers' gadgets and a special collection of quality drinks await you at the Tobacco Shop, to pick out special gifts for yourself, your friends or those celebrating.
In Mediterraneo Wine & Deli you will find selected wine labels, mainly from Greece and some from abroad. But before you choose bottles of wine for gifts, I suggest you taste them first accompanied by delicious deli flavors.
In Polytimi Pottery, the creator herself will guide you to this special art shop and help you choose the best gifts for your friends or for your home. Ask her about the "lamps" that are her "trademark", and the impressive "raku" vases.
Very close, in Agnithes, for the spring dew, you will find colorful hand-woven shawls and scarves, so impressing! A lovely Easter gift, always useful, that will be highly appreciated. As for the gentlemen, unique hand-woven ties, that you will not see anywhere else! Beauty, flowing in time!...

So, celebrate Easter in Nafplio!

Πάσχα στο Ναύπλιο, Nafplio Pasxa, Easter in Nafplio
Πάσχα στο Ναύπλιο, Nafplio Pasxa, Easter in Nafplio
Πάσχα στο Ναύπλιο, Nafplio Pasxa, Easter in Nafplio
Πάσχα στο Ναύπλιο, Nafplio Pasxa, Easter in Nafplio
Πάσχα στο Ναύπλιο, Nafplio Pasxa, Easter in Nafplio

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